Our mission is your mission.

We believe in what you're doing. Whether you are striving to improve our communities, provide for those in need, or make the world a better place for future generations – we see your effort. We admire it. And we want to help.

Our goal is to make the work that you do everyday as effective and enjoyable as possible. We do this by introducing organizations like yours to new technology and strategies that provide focus, reduce stress and maximize efficiency.

Meet our team.


Edward Delaney
washington d.c.

Ed has served as a fundraising representative, legislative advocate and development director for Congressional candidates, the American Cancer Society, national associations and more. He draws on this experience and his 30+ year career in Federal, B2B and B2C technology sales to pursue his passion for connecting individuals and causes.


Theresa Delaney
tucson, arizona

Theresa is a communications professional specializing in brand identity strategy and messaging. She has worked with dozens of small businesses and organizations on developing their brand attributes, improving their outreach efforts and streamlining content development. A self-proclaimed serial entrepreneur, Theresa has founded three profitable businesses, using new technology and social media to build them from the ground up.


Our team is located in Washington DC and Tucson, and is available to travel to destinations nationwide for training sessions and speaking engagements.