CASE STUDY: Spanish Install - Salesforce NPSP in Santiago, Chile


Affiliated with the Sisters of the Good Shepherd, Fundación Madre Josefa’s mission is to “welcome, accompany and empower women, girls and adolescents in situations of vulnerability, especially immigrants, for their full integration in the country, development of their families, and economic autonomy.” The Fundación accomplishes this mission across six different “Missions,” or branches throughout Chile. To date, the Fundación has more than 2,000 participants, receiving support such as job training and skills development, psychological resources, spiritual counseling, and access to education, health, and housing.

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Tracking, maintaining, and reporting data alongside financial sustainability and cultivating new sources of funding can be challenging for an organization with this scope and impact. Over the past year, NPO Connect Technologies (NPO) assisted Fundación Madre Josefa with the application, installation, training, and implementation of Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP) to meet their various critical needs. NPSP’s recent Spanish translation laid the foundation for this Chilean organization, with additional modifications and customizations as necessary.

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2,000+ Participants’ Data Management

The Fundación’s central office in Santiago needed a system to organize contact information for over 2,000 program participants spread across six different Missions. Salesforce NPSP’s out-of-the-box Contact object provided a great starting point for this data, but the Fundación needed additional participant information specific to their Missions’ various services. With NPSP’s customizable Contact object, NPO added over 100 custom fields to build a comprehensive system with all of the required information for the Fundación to best serve their participants’ needs. NPSP’s “Affiliation” feature also enables Fundación staff to link participants to their respective Mission for more effective tracking and reporting. With NPO’s training and support, the Fundacion has successfully entered participant information for two Missions and plans to roll out the system to the remaining four Missions in the next month.

Donor Management and Fundraising

Because the Fundación’s central office is committed to financial sustainability, it was important to maintain NPSP’s out-of-the box fundraising capabilities alongside participant and service management. NPO customized two different Contact page-views for the Fundación’s dual

data-management needs: one Contact page for information about the Mission participants, and one Contact page for information about prospective donors or business associates. Utilizing NPSP’s link between page-views and user profiles, NPO assigned each page to its corresponding user: the Mission users have access to the participant Contact page, and the central office has access to the donor/business associate Contact page. When the Fundación responded to a natural disaster with an Emergency Project to extend its services to affected areas, NPO helped create an additional Contact page to collect information specifically required for this project’s beneficiaries. NPO-Connect Tech provided training to the Fundación’s system administrator so that they can change the page-view for various users at any time, if necessary.


Effective fundraising requires telling a captivating story. Whether you’re building relationships with organizations providing grants, foundations offering sponsorships, or prospective private donors, NPO’s goal is to help you convey your non-profit’s impact- not only through qualitative stories, but also through powerful data. Thanks to NPSP’s standard reporting feature, the Fundación can demonstrate its impact on over 2,000 participants with a number of pre-configured, out of the box reports, such as number of participants served per Mission.  With the “Create-a-report” feature, NPO created custom reports to understand the impact of the Fundación’s services in more detail, such as participant demographics across Missions or recorded progress on strategic plans. Custom and ready-made NPSP reports are easily adjusted to analyze various time-frames, ranging from one week, one month, one year, to multiple years.

FREE NPSP User Licenses and Security Protection

Because the Fundacion works across six different Missions and relies on the support of a central office based in Santiago, various members of the Fundación needed access to Salesforce NPSP. With SF NPSP’s benefit of 10 free user-licenses, NPO ensured that each Mission has been granted user access, along with the Foundation’s Central Office and new NPSP System Administrator. Due to the nature of the Fundacion’s services, security is also key to protect sensitive information of participants and programs. NPO trained the Fundacion’s new system administrator how to grant permission, lock, hide, or edit certain capabilities and data points for various users.

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