8 Ways To Improve Your Nonprofit Facebook Page In 5 Minutes

1. Beware the "See more" line.

There's no character limit on Facebook posts, but it will cut off your text with a “See more” line. For longer posts, make sure there is a hook in the first few lines so that it's visible as people scroll quickly through your feed.

2. Fill out your page with as much information as possible.

You know those sections you skipped over when you launched your Facebook page – like your extended description, mission and hours? It's time to fill them with content! Having all of the links and prompts completed helps your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and makes your page look more professional.

3. Link to your other social media accounts.

More active on Instagram or Twitter? Just started a LinkedIn page? Let your audience know! Link to your other accounts regularly and encourage your audience to follow you on other platforms.

4. Use your logo as the profile picture.

Please, please, please. Use your logo, not a head shot of your founder. Make sure it is clear (high-resolution), not fuzzy, and positioned so that none of the edges are cut off.


5. Think strategically about your cover photo.

This is the first thing people will see when they visit your Facebook page, so take advantage of it! Customize it for upcoming events or significant anniversaries. It sits right over your call-to-action button, so this is also the perfect place to promote current campaigns!

6. Be responsive to messages.

Surprise - the time it takes you to respond to private messages shows up on your account! Let people see that you’re active and ready to engage.


7. Customize your tabs.

Those tabs running along the top of your profile can be edited to direct traffic where you want it. If you don’t upload videos, but add new photo albums all the time, ditch the video tab and allow your audience to focus on the photos tab.

8. Use Facebook Insights.

This nifty tool offers a detailed look at how your is content performing, who your audience is and when they are active. This gives you the opportunity to tailor your topics and posting schedule to those individuals that are reading it, which means higher engagement levels and more potential for sharing.